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Deciphering the Linear Elamite – A highway to understand the Proto-Elamite writing

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Is the deciphering of the Linear Elamite writing sistem, by the French orientalist François Desset with Kambiz Tabibzadeh, Matthieu Kervran and Gian Pietro Basello, a sort highway to understand the Proto-Elamite writing? In this interview the scholar states that Proto-Elamite and Linear Elamite are not two different writing systems but two different stages of the same writing system. It’s a great confirmation, Ignace Gelb was already proposing in the 60’s that linear elamite could be a developed form of Proto-Elamite. The key scientific article about the deciphering will be published in 2021, after all of the necessary proofreading and peer reviewing processes have been concluded. Then, it will be the turn of Proto Elamite. We are talking about the birth of the writing in Mesopotamia and in the Iranian Plateau, in a much wider approach compared to the “only-Mesopotamian” and cuneiform point of view. Now we are dealing with two “point of views”, both contemporary and of the same importance, two independent writing systems


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Deciphering Lenear Elamite, the Word’s Oldest Phonetic Writing System. Watch a sneak preview of how to translate these inscriptions


Desset F. (2016) Proto-Elamite writing in Iran, Archéo-Nil 26, p. 67-104

Desset, F. (2018). Nine Linear Elamite Texts Inscribed on Silver “Gunagi” Vessels (X, Y, Z, F’, H’, I’, J’, K’ and L’): New Data on Linear Elamite Writing and the History of the Sukkalmaḫ Dynasty. Iran, 56:2, 105-143

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