Friday 24 March 2023
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roman aqueducts

Roman Aqueducts: Locating the Second ‘Chiocciola’ of the Aqua Virgo in Rome

A spiral staircase of the Aqua Virgo lies completely obscured beneath Villa Borghese and the busy “Muro Torto” road and looks very similar to...

Has proof been uncovered that an aqueduct south of Pompeii could be Roman? Enthusiasm and skepticism about the “Acquedotto Quisisana”

By Ted O’Neill* The true history of the Agerola-Quisisana aqueduct near Pompeii and Sorrento may soon be revealed according to local historian Angelo Acampora and...

The Roman “Cocciopesto” and the “Acquedotto Quisisana”

by Ted O'Neill Cocciopesto is a waterproof building material used as a wall-covering and a floor-covering in water tanks and aqueducts.   It is commonly confused...

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