Thursday 1 June 2023
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Pompeii, archaeological excavation at the “complesso dei Riti Magici” – Praedia Project 2021

In Summer 2021, archaeologists investigated the so called "Complesso dei Riti Magici" at the Pompeii's Regio II. The main goal was to collect new...

The Forum Granaries at Pompeii. The Secrets of Ancient Trade in the Amphorae of Via dell’Abbondanza – VIDEO

The ancient Forum Granaries at Pompeii are open to the public for the first time in July and August 2021 (Prior booking is recommended)....

“Live” at the Archaeological Excavation of Poggio del Molino. A Roman Coastal Settlement in Tuscany – VIDEO

Poggio del Molino (Piombino, Italy) is a Roman settlement of an extraordinarily unique character located in one of the most beautiful areas of the...

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