Sunday 4 June 2023
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archaeological discoveries

Inside Medieval Pisa, the Royal “Curtis” and the S. Sisto Church: an Archaeological Investigation

The Department of Civilization and forms of knowledge of the University of Pisa has promoted the excavation of the San Sisto Garden, in the...

Art and archaeology trafficking in 2020, over half a million stolen artifacts recovered by Carabinieri in Italy and abroad

It has been the annus horribilis of our time. Nevertheless, not even the Covid has stopped the "beauty thieves". In 2020, the three hundred...

Has proof been uncovered that an aqueduct south of Pompeii could be Roman? Enthusiasm and skepticism about the “Acquedotto Quisisana”

By Ted O’Neill* The true history of the Agerola-Quisisana aqueduct near Pompeii and Sorrento may soon be revealed according to local historian Angelo Acampora and...

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