Tuesday 6 June 2023


Archaeology of the Mediterranean

Historical Aqueducts in the Bay of Naples

by Ted O'Neill The most important historical aqueduct system in the Bay of Naples was the Serino aqueduct built by M. V. Agrippa probably between...

Nora, an Archaeological Investigation of the Punic and Phoenician Mediterranean – A VIDEO DOCUMENTARY

Nora is a large, open-air research site offering interesting insights into archaeology and bioculture. The material evidence in the Phoenician and Punic necropolis located...

Volterra, the lost Roman Amphitheatre ”. Five years of excavations, a VIDEO DOCUMENTARY (English subtitles)

For five years, excavations have been underway in the ‘lost’ Roman amphitheatre of Volterra. ArchaeoReporter could not have chosen a better location for its...

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